Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez straight back collectively? History of their own internet dating schedules – and a€?Bennifer 2.0a€™ discussed

Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez straight back collectively? History of their own internet dating schedules – and a€?Bennifer 2.0a€™ discussed

Rumours has erupted in Hollywood, as Justice Leaguea€™s Ben Afleck is thought to have rekindled their relationship with artist Jennifer Lopez.

The pair were seen on along a couple of times in the past thirty days, following her separate from fiance Alex Rodriguez on 15 April.

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Fans of this celeb set may be experiencing deja-vous, as Affleck and JLo are engaged back the early 2000s, before JLo went on to get married Marc Anthony in 2004.

So, what is their own relationship history and may truth be told there getting a a€?Bennifer 2.0a€™? It’s this that we know at this point.

Was Ben Affleck dating Jennifer Lopez?

While neither party keeps stated throughout the latest speculations regarding their own rekindled love, the two comprise reported by individuals posses simply showed up back from a holiday along in gigantic air, Montana.

The day-to-day post in addition provided pictures on the duo with each other, with one reportedly showing all of them keeping possession.

When did they date formerly?

Affleck, 48, and 51-year-old JLo comprise very first involved with 2002 – additionally they worked along, co-starring in Jersey Girl (2004) and Gigli (2003).

The two ended her engagement only times before her Sep 2003 marriage, mentioning a€?excessive media attentiona€?, however it looks the interest possessna€™t passed away down nearly 20 years later.

Their own formal split arrived some period after in January 2004 australian brides, with JLo talking about they after as the woman a€?first actual heartachea€?.

The couple are affectionately understood of the push as a€?Bennifera€? back in the day, raising issues regarding whether there is certainly an upcoming a€?Bennifer 2.0a€?.

Who’ve both of them dated since?

After their own divide, JLo partnered Marc Anthony. The pair wed on 5 June 2004 but divorced in 2012.

From their eight-year connection, they discussed 13-year-old twins, Max and Emme MuA±iz.

JLo continued up to now previous backup performer Casper Intelligent from 2011 to 2016. In 2017, she started dating baseball member Alex Rodriguez, A-Rod, whom she got 1st met during their marriage to Anthony.

The pair turned engaged in March 2019, but established they might amicably run her individual approaches final period. In a joint statement, they mentioned they’d continue to work professionally together.

Meanwhile, Affleck shifted to wed Jennifer Garner in 2005 (a skipped a€?Bennifer 2.0a€™ opportunitya€™) and welcomed three children with each other – Violet, 15, Seraphina, 12, and nine-year-old Samuel.

The two separated in 2018, plus March 2020, Affleck mentioned their separation and divorce got his a€?biggest regret.a€?

The guy advised the York era: „the greatest regret of living so is this separation. Embarrassment is really toxic. There’s absolutely no positive by-product of shame. It is simply stewing in a toxic, hideous sense of low self-worth and self-loathing.“

On 10 might, as Affleck came back house from his trip with JLo, the guy desired their ex-wife a Happy Mothera€™s time, posting on Instagram: a€?So happy to show these young ones with you. Luckiest parents in the arena. Many thanks for all great you are doing. Grateful Mom’s Day. Love, their father.a€?

The feedback captioned throwbacks with the pair through its toddlers.

Has actually A-Rod or Jennifer gather said regarding the rumours?

Asked whether Affleck and Lopez were right back collectively, A-Rod responded to Page Six: a€?Go Yankeesa€?.

The cryptic content is reported as a refined motion to Affleck, a staunch Boston Red Sox supporter.

Rodriguez famously played for all the ny Yankees for a decade, after his pension in 2017.

The group tend to be major opponents to the Red Sox. Affleck is a devout promoter on the Boston teams as soon as refused to wear a Yankees cap in a scene for critically applauded Gone female.

Meanwhile, Garner is alleged to possess rekindled her on-off connection with John C. Miller, President of Caligroup. The pair apparently enjoyed a secret relationship from 2018 to 2020, but are considered to be straight back along.

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